Sensitive products, short life cycles or significant seasonality: the characteristics of your business sector require specific engineering and logistics. Experts in the supply chain of the electronics industry, we offer you global support, integrating optimised inbound logistics services, warehouse supply and capillary distribution.



    Delivering you with "the right component to the right place, at the right time, and in perfect condition" is our priority. We help to support your global sourcing policy. From collecting components at your supplier's site to standard or urgent delivery to the plant, we manage your door-to-door supply flows.

    Our Inbound Logistics services

    • Component supply: optimisation, consolidation, security of supplier flows,
    • Management and optimisation of customs procedures,
    • Component storage: order management, stock replenishment, sub-assembly,
    • Line-side delivery to the plant: sequenced flows, collection of empty packaging,
    • Track & Trace.


    We deliver directly to your distribution platforms from the plant, ensuring the integrity of your finished products and the security of your flows. We plan for alternative solutions if required, and ensure that the transport plan is constantly optimised.

    Our services

    • Handling of customs formalities
    • Management of urgent or standard deliveries, by appointment where necessary
    • Track & trace system for your shipments.
    • Freight security (qualified drivers, GPS tracking)

    Our storage solutions

    Prior to their delivery to your distribution platforms, we can manage your finished product stock in our secure logistics warehouses, whether dedicated or multi-clients, customs bonded or not.

    Our services :

    • Control of stock levels,
    • Management of stock replenishment,
    • Order preparation: packaging, labelling, kits. 


    Receiving goods on time, with consistent reliability, is crucial for distributors. We integrate this constraint by taking extra care in the handling of your products so as to ensure their integrity right up to their arrival at the point of sale.

    Organising delivery modes adapted to your requirements

    We apply all of our expertise to promote a high level of satisfaction within your network.

    • delivery scheduling: we deliver to your points of sale in city centres and shopping centres, on a set day or by appointment, with urgent delivery where necessary.
    • Traceability: your freight is tracked and secured right up to the delivery confirmation and can be pooled with other electronics brand.
    • return flows: we handle the recovery of empty packaging and unsold products as well as products returns.

    Management of your promotional operations

    We provide you with our specific experience in events logistics.

    • Management of promotional materials such as POS displays,
    • Simultaneous deliveries within the framework of product launches,
    • Management of international trade shows with temporary exports,
    • Confidential transport.