Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

GEFCO’s sustainability strategy is centred around four key pillars, supported by 8 commitments linked to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and 22 objectives backed by concrete KPIs to reach our targets by 2030.  

Our approach builds on existing initiatives, streamlines all actions and gives us a clear route to incorporating ESG into the global strategy of the company. Thus, we ensure that we have a measurable ESG impact which will support GEFCO in reaching its goals.


Pillar 1: Act as a corporate citizen  

We meet our duty as a company to maintain the highest standards of business conduct and ethics. GEFCO intends to be exemplary on matters of anti-corruption, competition, data protection, human rights, and governance, as demanded by legislation and the public at large. This is particularly important as concerns over fair data management and cybersecurity risk are foregrounded. 


Pillar 2: Ensure sustainable partnerships 

As partners and customers increasingly require greener trade flows and environmentally friendly supply chain solutions, GEFCO is committed to responding flexibly to their changing priorities and helping them unlock benefits beyond the financial, including meeting their own ESG and sustainability targets. We will act together with our suppliers, be transparent on our expectations, and support them to reach their targets.  


Pillar 3: Reduce our environmental footprint 

GEFCO is taking clear and ambitious commitments which will make us leaders in our line of business for reducing our environmental footprint. Our decarbonisation plan will enable GEFCO to lead progress within our sector: By 2030, we aim to reduce Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 40%, and Scope 3 emissions by 30%. Our objectives were set in line with the Paris Agreement and we committed to the SBTi (Science Based Target initiative).  


Pillar 4: Develop and protect our people 

People are our priority. Our continued commitment to health and safety across our operations, and the increased scale of training provided to our employees enable us to build the GEFCO of tomorrow, together. 


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations have defined17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). Each includes specific targets to be achieved by 2030, such as reducing road accidents, developing education, promoting gender equality, fighting corruption, combating climate change and promoting cleaner energy.

GEFCO has selected 7 priority SDGs to work towards in its activities.

External commitments and recognition

ESG-Environmental, Social and Governance



ESG-Environmental, Social and Governance



ESG-Environmental, Social and Governance



Anti-corruption guidelines

GEFCO's Ethics & Compliance Program

GEFCO is committed to being an exemplary company in the area of ethics and compliance. As a signatory to the United Nation Global Compact since 2010, GEFCO has a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption.