Moveecar "COVID-19" offer

At MOVEECAR, we are conscious of the negative impact of COVID-19 on the economy and new and used vehicles sales in the coming months.

However, our solutions can provide the end customer with confidence that they can purchase a car with minimal contact. We believe it is necessary to offer our customers a service that will guarantee perfect integrity of their vehicles.

Our digital solutions, coupled with disinfection and home delivery services, offer you this possibility.

MOVEECAR offer a certified disinfection and sanitisation system for all your vehicles, regardless of their use. This offer fits perfectly into our current logistics processes thanks to our logistics centres and their equipment.

We can also set up this process in the centres from which we operate together.

The process is  detailed below:

In our workshops:

  • Disinfection via ozone of the passenger vehicles,
  • Drivers station protection with disposable  equipment,
    • Interior and exterior new vehicle preparation (cleaning)
    • Covers for steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake.
    • Protection of the floor with paper.
    • Seat covers
  • Sanitisation of keys and disposable plastic protection,
  • Assembly of accessories specific to Covid-19 (alone or mounted)
  • Rear view mirror hanger "Your car has been disinfected"


We can safely organise the delivery of your new vehicles to your end customer, on site or at home.

  • Delivery includes full PDI, installation of license plates and handing over of the vehicle.
  • We can take back the used vehicle, store it on MOVEECAR compounds, carry out the appraisal and offer you our used vehicle preparation service.


As part of the delivery or home delivery,

  • Removal of protective coverings from the driving position,
  • Sanitisation of surfaces potentially affected during delivery and in the drivers area, using disinfectant  with the required standards compliant with EN 14476
  • Contactless e-POD: electronic delivery documents, initialed from smartphone to smartphone

B2B and B2C unit deliveries to end customers

Customer benefit for unit deliveries: the MOVEECAR solution allows the car dealer  to provide   customer deliveries even if the store is not yet open to the public.

Inside manual cleaning with disinfectants.

In addition to the exterior washing and interior cleaning of the vehicle, we provide an anti-bacterial and anti-viral interior disinfection solution using approved and certified cleaning products to eliminate COVID-19.


Sanitation with the ozone system

As part of our disinfection solution for the passenger compartment and the vehicle's ventilation system, we also offer control of bacteria, viruses and fungi through the use of the OZONE system.

Ozone acts as a very effective disinfectant and antiseptic, eliminating bacteria, viruses, odors, etc.

This sanitation is recommended in:

  • Vehicles transporting the public: (taxis, VTC ...)
  • Vehicles intended for rental, carsharing, carpooling ....
  • Courtesy, concession and workshop vehicles: both upon receipt and delivery of vehicles,
  • Public transport: bus, train, metro, ...
  • Transport of goods, delivery vans, refrigerated vehicles, etc.

At MOVEECAR, all of our operational staff are equipped with masks and gloves. Physical distancing is observed using suitable work stations. Our document exchanges are dematerialised as much as possible.







EN 144-76