[Brexit] New UK Customs declaration system: How do I import in the UK from September 2022?

20 June 2022

As the new UK single customs platform, all businesses managing UK customs declarations will need to declare goods using the Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

The CDS will replace the current CHIEF system. It will go live for import declarations on the 30th September 2022, followed by export declarations which will go live on the 31st March 2023. 
To get ready right NOW, discover the 4 key actions to avoid bottlenecks after the summer!

How do I import in the UK from September 2022?

1)  Register right now via the government gateway CLICK HERE.

2)  Then, setup a new Direct Debit for your deferment account  CLICK HERE.
    The Deferment statement will be online, for more details please CLICK HERE.

Whether you are managing customs solely or via a broker, these first 2 steps are mandatory.

3)  Should you use the services of a  Customs broker, authorise  them to use your deferment account.
To do this, you must view your customs financial accounts in the Customs Declaration Service (CLICK HERE to access),this will allow you to: 

  • give someone authority to use your duty deferment approval number
  • amend a standing authority

4)  At this stage, communication is vital between the logistics, finance and admin departments. Close co-operation is needed to access Government Gateway accounts to ensure that intermediaries and brokers can be authorised in time to avoid delays at the border.

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